Steel Partitions At The Guinness Storehouse Dublin

As a metal fabricator and a creative, I love working with metals of all kind – steel, stainless steel, brass or copper. Metals come from deep in the earth, iron being the fourth most common element in the Earth’s crust, which, when combined with tiny amounts of carbon, becomes steel. There are many different types of metal, with many different uses and applications, from ships, bridges and cars, right down to the surgical instruments used in our hospitals. At Urban Fabricators, we most often work with wrought iron and stainless steel to create our brand of interior and exterior furniture, we unify these metals with other natural materials, wood, stone, marble – these materials embrace one another creating harmony in home or workspace.

At Urban Fabricators, we specialise in the creation of steel partitions / screens and doors – architectural objects that both divide and create space, allowing maximum light, while unifying both rustic and modern aesthetics, giving a timeless industrial feel. At The Guinness Storehouse at St.James’s Gate, you will see the steel partitions grace the entrance to the 1837 Bar & Brasserie.
The partitions can be powder coated, painted, or polished, most clients of mine choose muted greys or blacks (a recent client of mine, an artist, painted her internal partitions yellow, and that works too!) At present we are working on a shopfront that’s about to create a wow factor in central Dublin.
From a needle to an anchor, Urban Fabricators will make your vision a reality.